Student Stories

Students Describe the UBTS Experience

The experience of students attending UBTS is far removed from typical undergraduate education in the United States. Each UBTS degree or certificate program enrolls a cohort group of students who attend classes together in L’viv for one week…

UBTS Women’s Program is Flourishing!

With women comprising more than 60% of church congregations in Ukraine, UBTS recognized the importance of providing them with specialized Biblical studies and training. In addition to the Women’s Ministry BA degree program, the School of Mentoring…

Live Sound Musical Movement Sponsors Songwriting Competition

The Live Sound Musical Movement is an initiative of the UBTS Department of Worship & Music. The program recently sponsored a Christian songwriting contest that received 130 entries from 45 locations. The winning song writer, Vitaliy Linevych,…

Archangel Gabriel Christmas Project

The Archangel Gabriel Christmas Grant – UBTS sponsored a contest to fund service projects organized by students and staff. This video features the five winning projects selected from 43 entries.  

Learning & Fellowship in the Pandemic

For the Spring 2020 semester, all UBTS students attended classes online. No in-person instruction was allowed. While this format allowed more time for virtual mentoring, the loss of personal contact with the UBTS faculty, mentors, classmates…

How the COVID-19 Quarantine Has Impacted UBTS Students

As a result of the COVID-19 and quarantine measures instituted by the government of Ukraine, UBTS moved all of its classes and mentoring programs to an online format for Spring 2020. In this video, two students share how they have adapted to…

UBTS Choir Celebrates Easter!

The UBTS Choir – including current students, graduates, and teachers – collaborated to create an inspiring performance that celebrates the joy of Easter in the midst of a global pandemic. The goal of the project was to share best wishes…
church planting

Students Flee Eastern Ukraine War Zone with Determination to Return

Imagine living in a War Zone where open hostility to the Christian faith is expressed through violence against people and property. Where the “new normal” is an atmosphere of fear, deprivation, and mistrust. Where it seems the rest of the…
Ukraine Partnership Foundation Overcome

Students Overcome Travel Challenges to Attend UBTS

UBTS utilizes a Cohort System of instruction for students pursuing the four-year Bachelor’s degree and Diploma programs. These students leave families and jobs, travel to L’viv for one week of on-campus study, then return home for five weeks, then return to UBTS.
ukraine women

Ukraine’s Women Encouraged and Sustained by UBTS Women’s Ministry

The women of Ukraine are daughters, wives, mothers, and friends – much like other women all around the world. They share the same desires – to be safe, loved and appreciated; raise healthy children; and find meaningful ways to contribute…
UPF Thanksgiving

UBTS Highlights of 2019

UBTS President Slavik Pyzh expresses his thoughts and thanks to UPF donors.
strategic imperatives

Strategic Imperatives for UBTS

UBTS’ steady growth brings with it equally daunting challenges. To be sure, none are too hard for God! But UBTS leaders must be diligent in discovering God’s way of meeting those challenges. As a result, Dr. Pyzh and his staff hold annual…
This is UBTS

This Is UBTS

Watch recent graduates talk about their education and experiences at UBTS, and the impact it has on their lives and ministries.