UBTS Mission

Train and develop leaders for the local church.

UBTS Vision

See churches throughout Ukraine and Eastern Europe grow through baptisms and discipleship.

UBTS Core Values

‘Love your God and love your neighbors’ – life in accordance with the Scriptures

  • Get to know God through spiritual practices and obedience
  • Invest/sacrifice time and resources into others
  • Focus all the work on building up a local church

‘Pain for the lost’ expressed in sharing the Gospel

  • Be personally responsible for non-saved people, building relationships with them
  • Initiate or be heavily involved in a missional ministry of a local church
  • Help plant new churches
  • Be involved in ministry to other nations

Fulfilling God’s calling expressed in commitment through accountability

  • Use the Key Accountability Document (KAD) for fulfilling key responsibilities and goals related to a local church and UBTS
  • Practice organizational leadership
  • Build organizational leadership culture at a local church