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UBTS Emergency Response to the Russian Invasion

Since the war in Ukraine began, nearly four million people have fled the country. On February 24, 2022, UBTS halted all classes and transformed its facilities into a refugee center to assist some of the thousands of Ukrainians who pass through L’viv on the way to the nearby Polish border.

One UBTS facility is dedicated to providing shelter, meals, clothing, and medical assistance to Ukrainian refugees, as well as transportation to the Polish border and assistance with resettlement. A second UBTS facility is dedicated to the distribution of tons of humanitarian food, medical, and hygiene supplies throughout Ukraine where the need is greatest. This work is coordinated through students, pastors and churches in the UBTS network.

UBTS is establishing a refugee reintegration center in Poland to provide trauma counseling and other aid to help Ukrainians resettle in Poland and other European countries. They also will teach Ukrainians how to share the gospel with others who need its message of hope and salvation.

This commitment of the UBTS team to provide physical, spiritual, and emotional assistance to displaced Ukrainians is rooted in the Seminary’s core values:

  • Biblical – love God and love your neighbor
  • Missional– live not for yourselves but for others
  • Accountable– use your spiritual gifts to build God’s Kingdom

UBTS leaders continue to be prayerful and strategic as they anticipate how relief efforts will need to pivot and adapt as the needs emerging from this crisis continue to grow and change.

03-Music_ConfrenceThese are exciting times for the Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary (UBTS). Enrollment has surged from 52 students in 2012 to  800 students in 2021.

In the midst of war and hardship – even the onset of a global pandemic –  these emerging Christian leaders are committed to strengthen and grow their local churches through baptisms and discipleship. They are dedicated to  living out UBTS’ Biblical, Missional, and Accountable core values and are transforming their communities in Ukraine and beyond.

UBTS faculty, staff, and mentors plant seeds of purpose, education, and leadership in students. Generous donors have watered those seeds through UPF’s support for the seminary’s infrastructure, scholarships, operations, and missions.
And God is producing a mighty harvest!

Thank you for being such an essential part of our shared mission.

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