Helping Raise Up Dynamic Christian Leaders in Ukraine

The Ukraine Partnership Foundation helps develop and equip Christian leaders in Ukraine. We do this primarily through financial and strategic support of the Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary, whose mission is to help local churches grow through baptisms and discipleship.

To accomplish this shared mission, we are totally dependent on God working through His donor servants. We invite you to join this Kingdom movement now!

UBTS Impact


Countries where UBTS graduates engage in international ministry


Ukraine regions where UBTS students and graduates live and serve


New churches planted by UBTS students and graduates since 2014


Ukrainian churches where UBTS students and graduates serve


UBTS students completed degree programs in Spring 2021

UPF News

Multipurpose Chapel Nears Completion

In June, UPF reached out to supporters with an urgent appeal for funds to help complete the Multipurpose Chapel building that is being constructed adjacent to the UBTS Academic Building. Spurred by the generous offer of a $100,000 matching gift,…

UBTS Student Stories

Students Describe the UBTS Experience

The experience of students attending UBTS is far removed from typical undergraduate education in the United States. Each UBTS degree or certificate program enrolls a cohort group of students who attend classes together in L’viv for one week…

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UBTS faculty, staff, and mentors plant seeds of purpose, education, and leadership in students. Generous donors have watered those seeds through UPF’s support for the seminary’s infrastructure, scholarships, operations, and missions. And God is producing a mighty harvest!