Ukraine’s Women Encouraged and Sustained by UBTS Women’s Ministry

ukraine women

The women of Ukraine are daughters, wives, mothers, and friends – much like other women all around the world. They share the same desires – to be safe, loved and appreciated; raise healthy children; and find meaningful ways to contribute to other people’s lives that will, in turn, bring joy and purpose to their own lives. Adding to their day-to-day financial and emotional strain is a hovering sense of uncertainty from the ever-present shadows of an uncertain economy, disintegrating families, and war in the East. These women need encouragement and fellowship with other women who understand. The Women’s Ministry Program at UBTS is designed to meet this growing need.

The women who attend UBTS have traveled many different paths to faith. A few were raised in evangelical Christian homes, but most found faith in a non-Christian environment at a desperate time in their lives. Some are partners with their husbands in service to their churches and communities. Most have spouses who are either indifferent or hostile toward Christians. All have open hearts and are dedicated to serving women and children through a wide variety of ministries.

And these students and graduates from the UBTS Women’s Ministry Program are having an impact! They bring hope, friendship, and salvation to women of all ages as they learn about and experience God’s love. Young women, in particular, are eager to learn about God’s purpose for their lives and his design for marriage and family life.

Sasha Furmanchuk is a UBTS student and mentor in the Women’s Ministry Program. She has a compelling vision for how churches can help care for Ukraine’s 71,000 orphans; help them experience God’s love; and grow into healthy, independent adults. You can meet Sasha and learn more about her ministry in the following video.