UPF and UBTS Respond to the War in Ukraine

Training Christian Leaders & Restoring Hope in Ukraine


During the initial stages of the Russian invasion, millions of Ukrainians fled to Western Ukraine seeking safety. UBTS facilities in L’viv became a center where thousands of refugees – primarily women, children, and the elderly – were provided with shelter, food, clothing, medical care, and transportation to the Polish border.


As the war intensified, UBTS became a hub for humanitarian aid – receiving and distributing food, medicine, diapers, hygiene items, and other essential supplies to scores of locations throughout Ukraine where students and alumni are serving their communities. This humanitarian aid is distributed to anyone in need without distinction.


The war has severely disrupted industry, commerce, farming, employment, health care, and education in Ukraine – not only in the active war zones, but throughout the country. Ukrainians have lost the sense of normalcy and security that marked their lives just a few months ago. People everywhere are struggling with deep physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Through its student-alumni-church network, UBTS is uniquely positioned to help Ukrainians rebuild and restore their lives and communities. Working in collaboration with local churches, businesses, and community organizations, UPF and UBTS are establishing WeCare Centers in strategic locations throughout Ukraine to provide holistic care to people at the local level.

A Network of Help & Hope

WeCare Centers will be managed by leaders trained through the UBTS Institute for Leadership, Management and Coaching, They will provide humanitarian aid, basic building materials, spiritual care and other supplies and services to meet each community’s most pressing needs.

We also are bringing teams of U.S.-based Trauma Specialists to Ukraine to provide Christian counseling services and training to equip pastors, students, and other church leaders as Trauma Helpers. They will assist people and help those needing a higher level of support connect with Trauma Specialists for more in-depth care.

Our intent is for WeCare Centers to be recognized as trusted partners – working with other organizations, including international ones – to help Ukrainians rebuild thriving communities.

The map at right shows areas in Ukraine where UBTS is delivering humanitarian aid and the sites of the first WeCare Centers.

Every gift matters. 

Your gift today will support these urgent needs:
$80 will deliver food to feed a family of four for two weeks
$500 will supply fuel for humanitarian aid deliveries
$1,000 will provide training for a WeCare Center community leader
$1,200 will cover tuition for a UBTS student when classes resume
$5,000 will bring a Christian trauma counselor to Ukraine for two weeks
$6,000 will fund one month of operations at a WeCare Center

Click here to read or download a report on what your gifts have accomplished in Ukraine. 

Your prayers and gifts make this Kingdom work possible.

The future in Ukraine is unclear – but we know with certainty that winter is coming.
Damaged homes must be secured against frigid weather. Traumatized children and adults need compassionate care.
The normal rhythms of life and basic trust in one another and in God must be renewed.
Believe with us that UBTS has been planted by God in Ukraine for such a time as this.

Help UBTS stand stand strong in the face of evil.
Please be as generous as you can as soon as you can.

How to Help

To make a gift by check, payable to UPF, send by USPS to the following address:

Ukraine Partnership Foundation
PO Box 671
Chesterfield, MO 63006-0671

If sending by another carrier (i.e. UPS or FedEx) please use this address:

Chesterfield Post Office
16105 Swingley Ridge Rd #671
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Use the button below to make a secure, online gift to the UBTS Emergency Fund. Every dollar will be used to meet the needs that emerge from this crisis.
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Refugees served in L’viv
(through June)


Ukrainians aided by UBTS students/alumni outside L’viv
(through June)


Metric tons of humanitarian aid provided to 10 regions in Ukraine (through June)