UBTS Prepares for In-Person Classes

The Ukrainian government has instituted a Color-Code Program for cities and regions to indicate specific protocols for Covid-19 prevention. Codes vary from Red (most restrictive), to Orange, Yellow, and Green (least restrictive). The government monitors infection rates and implements more restrictive measures if the infection rate rises in a specific city or region.

Approximately 70% of UBTS students live within 4-5 hours drive time from L’viv, with about 30% traveling to the Seminary by train or bus. While the government is now allowing public transportation throughout the country, busses or trains cannot stop to take on or drop off passengers in a Code Red area.

Color codes are either left as-is or reassigned each Monday. L’viv is currently listed as Code Orange, which will enable UBTS to operate as described here, with specified precautions (i.e. wearing masks, sanitizing, etc.). If the Color Code for L’viv changed to Red, in-person classes at UBTS would not be allowed and all classes would be offered online.

UBTS has developed protocols that both meet and exceed government requirements. Returning students are assigned to one of four cohort groups; each stable group will meet, dine, and sleep in separate locations.

  • There will be no interactions between students in different stable groups.
  • Faculty members will undergo weekly COVID-19 testing.
  • Students will be monitored daily for temperature and other flu-like symptoms.
  • Students who test positive for COVID-19 will be asked to return home.
  • If an ill student cannot return home, care will be provided at a hospital in L’viv.

In this video, UBTS President Slavik Pyzh shares a message of hope and encouragement as he reflects on how the new school year will begin.