Students Describe the UBTS Experience

The experience of students attending UBTS is far removed from typical undergraduate education in the United States. Each UBTS degree or certificate program enrolls a cohort group of students who attend classes together in L’viv for one week and then return home to continue their studies and field work for five weeks. They continue this back-and-forth cycle from September to the following May.

The spacious classrooms in the new Academic Building, faculty mentoring, and other resources make the UBTS learning experience positive and productive. But securing transportation, meals, and accommodations has become a significant challenge through ongoing waves of COVID-19 infection and restrictions.

Public transportation requires proof of vaccination or a daily COVID test costing the equivalent of $10. Pre-packaged meals are prepared in a small kitchen in the old building and delivered to the new building for students to pick up and eat wherever they can find a place to sit. The nearby hostels, formerly used to house students, are closed. This leaves students with very limited and expensive options for accommodations during their stay in L’viv.

Despite these obstacles, students are eager to attend. UBTS projects enrollment will reach more than 2,000 by 2023 – with cohort groups numbering 250 students each. This affirms the need to complete the Multipurpose Chapel building as soon as possible.

In these videos, two new UBTS students explain why they chose to study at UBTS and their hopes for the future.