Opportunity & Impact Report

The Opportunity & Impact Report, launched in 2018, is UPF’s periodic newsletter. As new issues are produced, they are posted here.

December 2020


  • Thank You from the UPF Board of Directors
  • Adapting & Thriving: A Thank You from the UBTS President
  • New Classrooms were Ready – Just in Time!
  • Learning & Fellowship: UBTS Students’ Report

August 2020


  • A Message from the UPF Board of Directors
  • UBTS Prepares for In-Person Classes
  • Progress on the New Academic Building Continues
  • How You Can Help

April 2020 – Special Edition

Empty Lviv Square April 2020


  • A Message from the UPF Board of Directors
  • UBTS Perspectives: the impact of the coronavirus pandemic in Lviv, Ukraine and four principles that have guided UBTS during this time
  • COVID-19 Restrictions in Ukraine
  • How UBTS has Adapted its Teaching and Mentoring Programs
  • How You Can Help

December 2019

New Building Under Construction


  • A Message from UPF President
  • UBTS Enrollment Continues to Surge
  • Prayerful Planning Drives New Initiatives
  • How You Can Help
  • UPF News

July 2019

March 2019


  • Message from UPF Board of Directors
  • Enrollment Growth Fuels UBTS Expansion
  • The Three-Year Transition Plan
  • Help Us Close the Gap
  • UPF News

December 2018



  • A Message from the UPF Board of DIrectors
  • Students Flee Ukraine War Zone
  • Ukraine Women Encouraged by UBTS Women’s Ministry
  • A Shared Vision for UBTS