Multipurpose Chapel Facility Nears Completion

In June, UPF reached out to supporters with an urgent appeal for funds to help complete the Multipurpose Chapel building that is being constructed adjacent to the UBTS Academic Building. Spurred by the generous offer of a $100,000 matching gift, UPF benefactors stepped forward with gifts that exceeded all expectations! This prompt and generous response enabled UBTS to purchase building materials in a timely way and work on this important addition continues.

With UBTS enrollment surging to over 1,000 students, the need to finish this new addition is critical. The chapel, multipurpose gathering spaces, cafeteria, and several additional classrooms will ensure that UBTS students – who sacrifice so much to attend classes in L’viv – can study, worship, and fellowship in a safe, learning-centered environment.

In this video, UBTS President Slavik Pyzh traces the exciting growth and impact of UBTS.