I would like to take a moment to review with you what we experienced last year. We completed the purchase of our new facility, which we just dreamed about at the beginning of last year. In order to realize how great this undertaking was, let me explain the challenge. We launched a $2,000,000 capital campaign for facilities expansion in March and by year-end, $1,300,000 had already been donated, and another $250,000 pledged for future projects. We still need to raise $450,000. We completed all the paperwork and received all of the titles for the building and the land, and with the help of people from Carmel Baptist Church, we developed blueprints and a design for the building. We also improved our online accounting system so that it is more efficient and even more transparent. In the process of fundraising, we formed a group of extremely financially generous people who have served and will continue to serve as close friends of the seminary.

The new building will serve about 160 people at a time and will have six large classrooms, two conference rooms, and office space for our faculty and library. The impact of this new facility will result in new people joining our existing churches. It will serve as a center for the revitalization of existing churches infecting them with Biblical, Missional and Accountable values. This result is certainly a reflection of your faithfulness, but I think it is also a confirmation that UBTS is truly a work blessed by God. I want to express a heartfelt “Thank You.” To God be the Glory!

President of UBTS, Dr. Yaroslav Pyzh

Youth Bible School

The 2nd session of the Youth Bible School was held at UBTS

On December 16, in partnership with the educational initiative #Школабезстен (School without walls), the second session of the Youth Bible School was held at the Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary. Almost fifty students studied the topic of Accountability in the biblical context. They were taught by the president of the seminary Yaroslav Pyzh and the head of the pastoral department Alex Savich.

The program coordinator Oleg Borys says: “I am delighted with the students of the Youth Bible School. Using modern technology, they were very diligent in their homework – high-quality presentations and talks about the concept of “warm Christianity.” They also responded responsibly to the social project of the seminary and brought a lot of toys which we will send to the East of Ukraine in the coming days. The next sessional assignment for students will have to do with a calling: we will be looking for answers to the question of why a person does not fulfill his or her calling and the characteristics of a person who lives out his or her calling…”

Pray for our students!

Music Confrence

The Live Sound Lviv Christian Music Conference held in Lviv

The conference for worship ministers, organized by the Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary, united about three hundred participants who came over to Lviv from different parts of Ukraine. West, South, Center, East, and even Belarus – the musicians worshiped together and learned how to improve worship ministry in their local church.

The person who came up with the idea to organize such a conference for Christian musicians was the head of the Worship ministry department of UBTS, Volodymyr Khlysta. Together with the team of the department, they worked hard, preparing to host 150 musicians. But in the last days before the event, something incredible happened. The hall where it was planned to seat a little more than a hundred people, was fully crowded on Saturday morning. More than three hundred young people with great enthusiasm and excitement sang praise songs after which they learned vocal art, sound making, the specifics of playing in a music band, the intricacies of musical work with children, students and choirs. The speakers at the master classes were Serhiy and Marta Yakobchuk, Peter Shwaikovsky, Myroslava Smetanyuk, Leonid Borysevych and several other experienced Christian musicians.

Volodymyr Khlysta, the head of the Worship ministry department of UBTS says, “I hope that The Live Sound conference will become a platform for sharing experience, resources and creative ideas among Christian musicians. Such constructive communication will inspire the growth and change in the worship teams of our churches, as well as help shape the culture of worship in the Ukrainian church environment.”


We asked the participants what they think about the conference. Kateryna Stetsyuk, a student at the National Music Academy named after Petro Tchaikovsky, Kyiv, said, “I am very happy that I had a chance to attend The Live Sound conference! It was truly a blessed time. It was nice to see and chat with people who are on fire about the same thing. It was also very nice that everything was without any show-off, in an open and friendly atmosphere, and at a high professional level. The student’s choir of the UBTS was a special bonus of the program. You can come to Lviv just to listen to their music. I hope that this conference is just the starting point for further communication, development, music making and winning new hearts for the glory of the Lord through music…”

The Worship ministry department of the Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary thanks everyone for their participation and is already working on new ideas that are planned to be implemented at The Live Sound conference in 2019. More photos and videos are coming soon on our facebook page: FaceBook