The First Session of New UBTS Students

With the arrival of every new child to the family, the parents become more mature and more experienced. Because every child is a new challenge, it is a different experience from the previous ones. Parents already know a lot but have to find an individual approach for each child.

The staff and faculty of UBTS have this same experience when welcoming new students! We have been running at full speed at UBTS with the arrival of new students. This is the fourth enrollment using our modular system. For the fourth time, after the reformation of UBTS, the first session for first-year students has taken place. This year, more than two hundred young Christians received the honorary title of a student of the Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary. During this past week, we held the Spiritual Formation session for all six undergraduate departments simultaneously.

Some of the first-year students shared with us what they thought of their first session:

“During this session, I learned a new format of happiness! How? It was about mission as an expression of love for God and people. When a person understands his or her calling, only then he or she can be useful to society. Because only then, a person strives to be responsible, grateful and live boldly, representing Him who called him or her! When a person is at the right place, he or she cannot be unhappy! He or she has to be happy!” – Chrystyna of L’viv, New Horizons church, Church Ministry for Women Department.

“I liked the fact that UBTS has a clear vision aimed at the development of people and not just the organization of events. I was very much touched by the openness and love for us students.” – Rostyslav of Klyachanovo, Pastoral Ministry Department.

“I did not have any concrete expectations for this session. But I was very impressed with the values of the seminary which are not just words but they are lived out and deeply rooted. It can be seen that those who taught us, live them out themselves. It took me a long time to choose where to study. UBTS was my last option because this seminary is quite young, compared to others. We have a family business so I work a lot and understand that If I want to invest time in something it has to be really worth it. So, I prayed a lot and made my decision. And after this session, I don’t regret choosing UBTS at all. Most of all, I liked the approach of the UBTS teachers and staff to the students. We felt that the UBTS team does not consider themselves better than the students. There is no high-power distance between the faculty and the students here. We all work together for one purpose; to glorify Christ.” – Volodymyr of Chervonograd, Development of Young Leaders Department.

“After the session, I realized that I had a great church. And I should support what my church does. I am very grateful to my pastors who often repeat that we must love God and people.” – Martha of Lutsk, Golgotha church, External Missions Department.